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100+ Subscribers! Thank Yous & Some News :)

Dearest Lit & Love Subscribers,

Wow! We can’t believe that we have over a hundred people following our humble little blog. We just wanted to write a quick note to thank you so much for following our site. Whether you found us back in April when we started or are new to us, we couldn’t be happier and more flattered that you keep coming back to us week after week.


Some New Additions & Changes

We’ve recently updated our site so that it is far easier to navigate some of our older posts you may have missed. We’ve organized our posts into “Lit Life” and “Writing Life,” and we have made tabs at the top for people to easily find our posts. Check them out when you get a chance!

Unfortunately, we’ve stopped the Word Nerd Wednesdays we used to do. We are cooking up what we can do to replace them, but honestly haven’t come up with much. If you have any good ideas, we are all ears. If you really liked them and wish we still did them, we’ll gladly start it up again. Just comment on this post!

After a couple months of getting back into the school year and dealing with some transitions, we are back to a more consistent posting schedule. That means you can expect to hear from us more in the coming weeks. We have some great articles to share, so please continue to read and share our stories and ideas!

What’s Coming Up

We have some wicked themes brewing up for the rest of October!

October 10-14: Skeleton Week

Next week is Skeleton week, where we will be discussing some Bookish Halloween decor and some great ideas on getting your writing down to its bare bones 🙂

October 17-21: Ghost Week

We will be discussing some haunting reads as well as how to tackle the ghosts of your past and present in your writing.

October 24-28: Halloween Week

Get a peek into our epic literary Halloween parties (and how to throw them yourself) as well as some construction pictures for this year’s Lord of the Rings themed party!

Thanks again for sticking with us and celebrating all that living a literary lifestyle has to offer! Have something literary you’d like us to discuss on the blog? Comment below!

Lit & Love,

Amy & Sarah Signature

4 thoughts on “100+ Subscribers! Thank Yous & Some News :)

  1. Congrats Sarah and Amy on 100+ followers! That is a huge accomplishment in 6 short months. I look forward to your posts in October!

    Maybe something writing related on Wednesdays? Like some type of Writing Wednesday… Tips? Short stories? Etc etc.


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