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The Keys to Bookish Skeleton Decor

There’s something about old, leather-bound books that just screams Halloween. A dusty, old tome conjures up images of a witch’s finger skimming through their Grimoire to find the perfect hex or some unsuspecting colonial being accused of signing the Devil’s Book. What damning magic can be found within these pages? What haunting tales do these books have to reveal?

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My husband and I are a Halloween family. He has seen almost every horror movie ever made (he takes some sort of sick pleasure in the campiest of B horror movies), and I have loved the actual  night of Halloween ever since I saw Nightmare Before Christmas in theaters at age 6.

In the first weeks of September, we make a big show of taking out our 10+ boxes of Halloween decor and begin to decorate our house. In fact, we actually end up decorating it twice throughout the season: once for our enjoyment and then again for our themed Halloween Party at the end of October. Throughout September and October, we spend our autumn nights carefully unwrapping and finding homes for the items we bought for 75% at the end of last season, scouring TJMaxx the second it has Halloween items out, and crafting in the garage for our massive Halloween party (Greg and his brothers are working on some sweet, 7-foot Nasguls for our LOTR party as I write). It’s a good life.

So, for Skeleton Week, I thought I’d share some tips on how to bookishly incorporate skulls and skeletons into your home decor, and share a bit of my home with you.

Step #1: Find Some Fancy-Smancy Skulls

Don’t you go and get some chincy styrofoam skulls from the Halloween store. Spend the extra money to get some fancy ones with a little weight to them from TJMaxx, World Market, or a local Boutique store. They will elevate the sophistication of your decor and last a lot longer.

Step #2: Grab Some Halloween-Themed Books

You have some options for incorporating some literary flair into your Halloween decorations.

You can buy some haunting bookish decor like my cute spell book cookie jar…

Or use some of your own spooky hard-covers

Or you can download some free Halloween book covers to wrap your non-Halloween books  like Christine and Jan did on their blog Little House on the Corner.

Free Halloween Book Cover Printable

Or if you want to have even more customization, you can even spray paint your old books like Krista did on her blog, This Happy Housie.

Step #3: Stack and Arrange

Now that you have your books and skulls…start arranging! However you incorporate your skulls and spines, just make sure that your display is balanced. Here is some skeleton and book decor from my home 🙂


How do you and your family celebrate and decorate for Halloween? Comment below!

Lit & Love,

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