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Summer Break & Thanks

Howdy, Lit & Love friends! Just wanted to write a quick note letting you all know that we are going to be take a small break from the blog this week. Sarah is moving to her new apartment, and I need to spend some time on my school work (say it isn’t so!). So, we… Continue reading Summer Break & Thanks

Freewrite Friday · Original Writing

Freewrite Friday: Hunger and Thirst

What do we all hunger for? What do we all thirst for? Is it justice? Peace? Redemption? Truth? Or do we simply need a cup of coffee or a sandwich to satisfy us? This week we’ve talked about some great pairings between books and tea as well as how to snack by genre. So, for our Freewrite… Continue reading Freewrite Friday: Hunger and Thirst

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Feast Your Eyes- Favorite Food & Drink with Literature

There are not a lot of things I enjoy more than a plate heaped high with a nice cheese assortment to nibble on while I’m reading. Cheese plates have become my staple  while reading or writing- a fact supported by the plate of beef jerky, goat cheese, and crackers I’m eating while writing this! Amy‘s… Continue reading Feast Your Eyes- Favorite Food & Drink with Literature

Word Nerd Wednesday

Word Nerd: Solicitude

In the crazy events of the past couple weeks, I think we could all use a little more solicitude. Here at Lit & Love, we’re stockpiling words in an effort to celebrate and expand our vocabulary. Every Wednesday we post a word we love: words we discover in our readings, words we stumble across in our conversations, or sometimes words… Continue reading Word Nerd: Solicitude

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Drink & Ink: 7 Teas to Pair with Your Favorite Literature

I’m not going to lie to you. I drank coffee while writing this article, not tea. I write in the mornings and need that extensive caffeine jolt in order to make my brain work this early. But, please, dear reader, do not think that because I drink coffee in the morning that I am any… Continue reading Drink & Ink: 7 Teas to Pair with Your Favorite Literature

Freewrite Friday

Freewrite Friday: Pieces/Parts

Happy Friday, writers! This week, I’ve been going through my journals trying to pick up some of the pieces of old writing. I have random, (surely) excellent lines scribbled all over some of its pages, and I wanted to pick one for today’s freewrite. There is such value in scribbling down the odd perfect line as it… Continue reading Freewrite Friday: Pieces/Parts

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Cobblestone, Parchment, Mom: Creating a Personal Universe Deck

“The magic is only in what books say, how they stitched the patches of the universe together into one garment for us.” ―Ray Bradbury Taking a creative writing class last summer was one of the best things I ever did for my writing life. In my undergrad I took a couple of creative writing classes… Continue reading Cobblestone, Parchment, Mom: Creating a Personal Universe Deck