About Amy: According to Sarah


Picture this. Freshman year of college, and your roommate is nice, and your room is small and already messy, and you start classes, and the cool girl who lives next door to you in a corner room is in one of them. Your first assignment for this shared class is to write a reflection paper detailing your experiences with the subject. The day after it’s assigned, you hear a knock on your door… and it’s your neighbor! She hands you a paper and asks if you’ll tell her if it’s any good. If you never thought you could meet your best friend this way, you’re wrong.

Over four years of different roommates, different dorm rooms, different friends, different classes and professors, Amy and I would meet in the same places and read to each other. A common room’s private study corner, the computer lab, our rooms- we found places to plant ourselves firmly and let our ideas run wild. We’d consider ourselves geniuses, dissecting poetry and drawing parallels we were sure were unique. We’d devise our own projects reading about, say, Thoreau’s food budget listed in Walden. “Do you think you could live on that much money now? Like, with inflation?” “Let’s find out!” We found out so many things in those years, whether or not we set out with a clear premise. Amy’s intensity and inquisitiveness stood out to me- here was someone I could stretch my intellectual limbs and run with. 

I met Amy at a point of new beginnings in my life, when you’re throwing everything at the wall to see who you are and what you believe, and she stuck.

Amy is my first call, full stop. For when I’m stuck while writing something, for when I’m reading a great book I want to share, for when something weird happens, for when I need to read something amazing I just wrote out loud for the first time, for when I need a glass of wine. She breaks me out of my boxes, slaps my psyche upside the head, and pushes me to keep up with her (guys, it’s really hard to keep up with her). She’s a soft place for my ego to land, a drawing board for my thoughts, and a connoisseur of tea. We’re mindtwins- two sides of the same coin, parallel universes allowed to touch.

Lit & Love,

Sarah Signature

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