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 Literary Quote Chalkboard Printables Plus a Peek at My Classroom (Freebies!)

I hate ugly classrooms. Yeah, I said it. I hate unwelcoming teenage prisons that offer no inspiration to the already apathetic adolescent mind. I also don’t like that middle and elementary school teachers get to have all the fun.

My Classroom This Year! 
John Green is right by my desk 🙂

In general, my classroom decor motto is that if I have to spend 1/3 of my life in my classroom, it better be pretty! However, when I got a new job a couple of years ago, I found that there aren’t a lot of cheap classroom decor websites for high school teachers. Most decorations are geared toward younger grades and many high school teachers–not all, of course. Where do you think I got some of my great ideas?–only put up a few hackneyed motivational posters or student work from seven years ago.

My brand new book nook 🙂

So, I did what I do best and I made my own decorations. And you, dear reader, get to reap the benefits! Below are some of the beautiful chalkboard printables originally posted on my old teaching blog, The Wordy Teacher. If you’re not a teacher, you are welcome to use them in your home office, library, or just about anywhere!

The posters up in my main chalk boards 🙂

How I Made Them

I went to How to Nest for Less‘s site and downloaded their free Chalkboard Background. Then I went to town. Using free fonts from and MS Word,  I created these twelve printables for my classroom.  It was that easy! I saved them as PDFs and had them printed out at Office Max!














Below are the PDFs for each sign to download and print! Enjoy!

Oscar Wilde Sign     Mark Twain Sign     John Green Sign     J K Rowling Sign

Mya Angelou Sign     George Bernard Shaw Sign     Ray Bradbury Sign     Walt Whitman Sign

William Shakespeare Sign     Ralph Waldo Emerson Sign     F. Scott Fitzgerald Sign

What quotes inspire you? If you like the style of these quote prints and have any requests, comment below or email us at!

Lit & Love,

Amy Signature

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