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Defining a Literary Lifestyle

literary life

Huzzah! You found us!

Welcome to the Lit & Love Blog, our attempt to define and live a literary lifestyle.

To figure out if we’re your cup of tea, take a gander at our list below. Does any of this sound familiar?

  1. You always have a book on your person…maybe two!
  2. Your relationships with fictional characters rival many of your IRL relationships.
  3. You think that decorating with books is the peak of chic.
  4. You have more books than shelf-space.
  5. You have memorized any part of a poem or Shakespearian soliloquy. On purpose.
  6. You have thought seriously of selling your soul for a first edition.
  7. You consider book-sniffing a full-time hobby.
  8. You double-check your wardrobe, just in case Narnia’s in the back.
  9. Your children will be/are named after your literary heroes. (Hello, Atticus and Alice!)
  10. You judge people based on whether or not they write in margins of books.
  11. Publishers re-releasing books with a new cover design gives you all the feels.
  12. You have strong opinions on the Oxford comma.
  13. Movies based on books make you nervous.
  14. You know how to diagram a sentence or create a parse tree… like a boss.
  15. You own a wand.

If you identify with any of the statements above, then you’re our people, and we can’t wait to meet you.

This blog is a discussion, but also our Wonderland. It’s what happens when you wander into someone else’s mind and stay awhile (we hope you like it, don’t mind the mess). We hope you like tea and cocktails and tarot cards and music and chocolate and writing with fresh journals and pretty pens, but above all else, we hope you like books.

Storytelling is an ingrained part of our culture, and for us a lifestyle choice. The stories we tell, the details we share, the moments we hold up to the light to examine their many facets, all have deeper meaning in deciphering the world around us and fostering our relationships with other people. Authors who do this well while crafting beautiful worlds and creating beloved characters are celebrated here. We’ve also taken it upon ourselves to write some original work to post periodically, and encourage you to free-write with us and continue the conversation.

Right now we are just cracking open this spine and trying to see what adventures will spill out. We hope you like adventure as much as we do.

Lit & Love,

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