About Sarah: According to Amy


When I first met Sarah, she was a sweet, bookish introvert from a small town, and I…well I don’t know what I was, but it was weird and loud and overly friendly. Sarah was literally and figuratively the girl-next-door, and she and her room became my sanctuary. Through long nights of procrastinating on papers and long drives along the country roads of our college, we found our common ground even if at first we seemed like opposites.

Ten years later, Sarah is still sweet and still my sanctuary, but definitely not an introvert anymore. Sarah is a woman of hard opinions, but no judgments. I think this is one of the most beautiful and rare things about her. She’s the perfect person to trust with your ugly. She’ll see those shameful, vulnerable parts of you, listen to them until your voice is hoarse, and won’t tell you the truth about them until you need to hear it.

Sarah’s safe and home for me, but she’s also my full-time adventurer. Sarah and I like to explore the world at the exact same speed: we’ll go new places, we’ll see new things, but we better get writing breaks. We love to plan literary dates and writing retreats: traipsing around Cleveland to write in different spots, going to Akron for an outdoor Shakespeare festival, or simply just sitting in one of our backyards with our journals out and pens ready. Sarah truly understands what makes a perfect night: a little bit of the comfortable, a little bit of the uncomfortable, and a lot of contemplation. Oh, and wine. And chocolate.

We say all the time that we are mind-twins.  Perhaps part of that is that we grew up together in college, when our minds were fresh and we just happened to fill in parts of each other’s brains. Whatever happened, the fact remains that our best work happens when we are both involved. We continue to pull the best out of each other.  It is that effortless ebb and flow of ideas, creativity, understanding, and love that has kept us together over the years.

This blog is the product of ten years of a perfect partnership. We hope you enjoy it.

Lit and Love,

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