Freewrite Friday

Freewrite Friday: The American Dream

Freewrite Friday American Dream

What happens when all your dreams come true? What happens when everything you have been working so hard for, everything you have sacrificed for, finally happens? Was it everything you hoped it would be? Are you happy now? Where do you go from here?

These are some of the questions I hope you think about today as we explore The American Dream. The American Dream is part of our culture, part of our ethos as a nation and a people. It commonly revolves around the overarching ideas of democracy, liberty, opportunity, and equality.

However, most of our discussion and understanding of the American Dream lies more so in the inability to achieve it and the disillusionment which follows than in the satisfaction of actually achieving it.

So, today for our freewrite, I want you to imagine a situation that explores The American Dream from a different angle. The full prompt for today is:

You have achieved the American Dream, but it isn’t as fulfilling as you thought it would be. What does that dream look like? How do you become satisfied with what you have or how do you end up achieving more?

Here’s my stab at the freewrite prompt today 🙂

Twilight’s Last Gleaming

Are you happy?
She asks me amongst the
Thrumming rain, our cotton clothes
Absorbing water like horizon
Consuming spreading sun,
Our bare feet beginning to
Ache from too much time on
Concrete sidewalk, to groan
That it’s time to go inside,
to bed, to rest.

Are you happy?
My eyes shift away from her face
Towards the darkness beyond
The light of the lamppost, into the
Unknown wild of suburban landscape.
But it is known.
It is just house and lawn and
House and lawn and house and
Lawn looming in the dark.

Are you happy?
The sky lightens from black to
Charcoal, but the rain picks up
In its last effort to quench the earth.
It’s really time to go inside:
I’m too wet, too old, too tired
To be bothered with this question
Of happiness on a night like this,
With a life like mine.

Are you happy?
Yes, of course,
I must be.
My tears mingled with the
Remnants of rain as the sky
Breaks and the sun
Begins to rise.

Need some inspiration? Check out some amazing poems discussing this idea from some of our best American writers.

How do you define the American Dream? Has it changed for you as you’ve gotten older? Share your thoughts below.

Lit & Love,

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