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My Bookworm Wedding: 10 Ways to Nerd Up Your Nuptials

“Love is the voice under all silences, the hope which has no opposite in fear; the strength so strong mere force is feebleness: the truth more first than sun, more last than star…”    -E.E. Cummings, being to timelessness as it’s to time

Oh, it’s that time of year folks! Wedding season is officially upon us in all its matrimonial glory! The past two weekends, I had the honor of attending two weddings for some of our favorite couples. My husband and I have a couple more fun weddings ahead of us this year, and I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

So in the spirit of both lit and love, this week is officially Wedding Week here on the blog, and we hope to show you ways to combine your passion for both. Whether you’re planning a wedding, looking for a way to infuse bookish details into another celebration, or simply obsessed with looking at wedding photos (this can’t just be me), we hope that you enjoy our loved themed posts this week.

Now hop in your Tardis, because for our first 5 ways to nerd up your nuptials, I’m going to take you back, way back to 2011, to my wedding to show you you how I used books to inspire my wedding.

1. Use Physical Books in Your Engagement Photos

© 2011 Kenneth Clunk

Probably the most obvious way to incorporate some literary flair into your wedding is to simply incorporate some physical books into your engagement or wedding photos. For our engagement photos we went to multiple Cleveland locations and of course I brought a stack of books along with us. Even though he’s not a big reader (Gasp!), Greg was all for the idea, and I think the pictures came out great!

© 2011 Kenneth Clunk

2. Choose Literary Picture Locations

reading garden wedding

© 2011 Kenneth Clunk

For our wedding photos we kind of split it down the middle. We took pictures at Browns Stadium for Greg, and then, for me, we took photos at the Cleveland Public Library’s Reading Garden. This was a beautiful, perfect place for a book nerd like me. A monument of literary significance, library, or university would make perfect literary locations for any wedding.

3.Decorate with Timeless Typewriters


© 2011 Kenneth Clunk

We did a nice post on decorating with antiquated tech a couple of weeks ago (check it out here), so you know I love typewriters. This is an easy way to add a more vintage vibe to your bookish wedding. My photographer, Ken, took a lovely photo of my wedding shoes on my Underwood.  However, I probably some of my favorite pictures from the wedding are  the pictures of our rings on the A (for Amy) and G (for Greg) keys. 

© 2011 Kenneth Clunk

4. Use Bookmarks as Place Cards


© 2011 Kenneth Clunk

For our reception, I knew I wanted our guests to really get the book theme from the beginning. So, I made hand-written bookmarks out of cardstock and some tassels to be place cards for my guests. I thought it was a nice take-away from the wedding, and I taped them to a old vintage mirror so they were easily visible for the guests.

© 2011 Kenneth Clunk

5. Create Bookish Centerpieces


© 2011 Kenneth Clunk

Now, these are my favorite 🙂 I’m not going to pretend that I invented using books as centerpieces, but here’s the setup from my wedding.  The books (old encyclopedias) were a gift from a friend, and it went with my bookish vintage vibe of the wedding. I  was even able to wrap book pages around votives to add even more literary flair.


© 2011 Kenneth Clunk

Honestly, since my wedding I’ve seen so many amazing ways people have decided to celebrate books and reading along with their marriage. Since I planned my wedding in the days before Pinterest (can you even imagine???), I thought I’d include 5 more ways to nerd up your nuptials inspired by other people’s weddings!

6. Incorporate Literary Quotes into Your Vows


7. Use Library Cards as Invitations


8. Include Book Page Script on Your Cake


9. Use Book Page Flowers as Your Bouquet


10. Book a Literary Venue


All photos from my wedding are attributed to our amazing photographer, Kenneth Clunk, at Too Much Awesomeness Photography!  © 2011 Kenneth Clunk

Hope these pictures and ideas inspire you to add a little lit into your love day! Which ideas did you like the best? Did you have a literary wedding? Comment below!

Lit & Love,

Amy Signature

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8 thoughts on “My Bookworm Wedding: 10 Ways to Nerd Up Your Nuptials

  1. Oh my… glad I didn’t see these sooner.

    I did manage a photo of our wedding rings on Chapter 8 of Deathly Hallows (“The Wedding”) and we are using pages from that book for flowers for our centerpieces at the reception. Super cute.

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