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Antiquated Tech: The Keys to Typewriter Decor

So, to round out Tech Week here on Lit & Love, we thought we would end with a fun post about antiquated technology. Sarah and I both have some beautiful typewriters that we use as decoration throughout our homes. Some of them are functional, but some could use some new ribbon and a little TLC. Here’s a little guide to help you incorporate typewriters into your home 🙂

I love the vintage vibe, so I showcased my Remington on my antique dresser (which I use as a sideboard) in my dining room.

Some considerations when using typewriters as decor:

  • The weight: These guys are usually crazy heavy. So make sure that you are putting it on a shelf or sturdy table that can actually hold its weight.
  • The space: Some of these guys are pretty big, so make sure that you’re giving it space to breath, so your display doesn’t look crowded.
  • The aesthetic: When you’re decorating with antiquated tech, you can go one of two ways. You can go full blown into that vintage vibe, or you can mix it in with more modern elements. Either way, choose to pair your typewriter with pieces that compliment the look you are attempting to achieve.
Sarah has a clean, modern look for her typewriter that she displays on her writing desk. This is a great example of giving your typewriter some breathing room!

Want to get your hands on a typewriter of your own?

  • Honestly, the best place to get them are garage sales and flea markets. Shipping on these bad boys can be insane (so heavy!). I bought a typewriter for $5 once.
  • Ebay: There are a lot of great typewriters on here, but make sure you get it from a seller you trust!
  • Etsy: If you have a little more money to spend, this is a good option to get some truly beautiful typewriters into your home.
  • Amazon: Of course you can buy a typewriter on Amazon. 
My old Remington portable also works as a centerpiece with some fresh summer flowers 🙂

Have a typewriter and want to get it in working order?

  • Here is one of the most extensive typewriter repair resources on the internet. You can buy ribbons and manuals, receive advice on repair, as well as buy some professionally restored typewriters!
  • Repair Shops: Here is an extensive site on typewriter repair shops near you from Xavier University.
  • Interesting Perspective: Here is an awesome article from Wired on the last generation of typewriter repair
A nice display of two of Sarah’s typewriters on her bookshelf near her basement bar. Remember that typewriters are HEAVY (that Underwood is a beast!), so putting them on low shelves is a great idea so your bookcase doesn’t topple over!

Send your pictures of how you use antiquated tech in your home and we’ll feature the best of the best on the blog in July!

Lit & Love,

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