Word Nerd Wednesday

Word Nerd Wednesday: Tsundoku

WNW Tsundoku

We know what you’re thinking…no, this is not a Japanese number game.It’s a problem all of us book nerds face!

Here at Lit & Love, we obviously love words. In a collective effort to celebrate and expand our vocabulary, every Wednesday we will be posting a word we love: words we discover in our readings, words we stumble across in our conversations, or sometimes words that we just like the sound of.

How can you get in on the fun? We encourage you to post a creative sentence using the word in the comments below. We will feature our favorite on next week’s Word-Nerd Wednesday!

Last Week’s winner: “Lying supine on the dewy grass she blocked out the moon with her index finger” from The Book Page Review. Check out her blog! Congrats!

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