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Memory, Margaritas, Matrimony, ‘Merica: June Theme Roll Out

Another month in the books! Once again, we wanted to thank you for sticking with us for another month, and supporting us and our hope to continue this conversation of how to authentically live a literary lifestyle. We are humbled by your enthusiasm, your kind comments, and your participation in that conversation.

Thank you especially to our family and friends who have helped us and given us the encouragement we needed to keep going with this creative project. For those of you who are just meeting us, we are so thrilled to have you on board, and we can’t wait to get to know you better!

Now for the announcement of our June Themes! 

This Week: Tech Week


Expect posts discussing the technology of reading, how technology changes us as readers and writers, as well as looking at some antiquated technology from the past!

Week #2: Summer Reading Week

What’s better than margaritas and books? Not much! We’ve talked about summer reading already this year, but we hope to up the conversation and give you plenty of reads to dive into this summer!

Week #3: Wedding Week


It’s wedding season! We’re going to give you some great bookish wedding ideas as well as book crafting that can be used for any celebration!

Week#4: American Lit Week


In preparation for 4th of July here in the states, we’re hoping to showcase some of our favorite American authors and books about America. Expect some American literary giants pitted against each other in epic poetry battles and some recommendations for celebrating and analyzing American literature.

We can’t wait for you to see all the bookish brilliance we have for you this month!

Lit & Love,

Amy & Sarah Signature

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