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Fandom of the Month- Let Your Nerd Flag Fly!

Do you like surprises? Do you like getting mail? Are you a geek like me? About a year and a half ago, I signed up for the best surprise in my mailbox, and I haven’t been disappointed yet.


Fandom of the Month Club is a curated jewelry box delivered to your door. Every box promises 3-4 pieces of jewelry- earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings- I’ve even gotten keychains. It’s all packaged in an adorable drawstring printed bag with a graphic and image matching the theme. Each month has a different geeky theme, exposing you to some great Etsy artists and awesomely adorable, nerdy jewelry. April’s theme was Narnia, and I am really pleased with the pieces I received.


First out of the bag was this adorable locket. It’s shaped like the wardrobe door, and has a picture of a winter scene with a lamppost. I love that it’s a bronze color, and that it’s magnetic. No weird clasp to fumble with to get it open. That’s a plus. I am also kind of tickled that it comes with a picture inside already. I’ve gotten other lockets like this from Fandom of the Month, but I’ve never gone to the trouble to shrink, print, cut, and stick a photo in. Too much work (lazy nerds unite!).


The next piece I found was a bubble bracelet. Each link has a tiny picture of one of the book covers. I especially love that The Magician’s Nephew is first, since in my head it’s the first book, even though my books from childhood list it sixth (what do those book publishers know anyway?).


My favorite thing from last month’s box has to be the earrings. I love a subtle geek moment in my accessories. An overt nerdy reference is fine by me, but these lion earrings are simple, fun, and don’t directly tie to a fandom. I love my Star Wars droids necklace and lightsaber earrings; I love my golden snitch earrings. But an understated accessory goes a long way, can be worn more places (hi, workplace professionalism!), and can be just as cute. These Aslan-inspired earrings are going to get a lot of mileage.

So which of these jewelry pieces struck your fancy? What would you wear first? Do you get an awesome nerdy subscription box of some kind? Tell me all about it!

Lit & Love,

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4 thoughts on “Fandom of the Month- Let Your Nerd Flag Fly!

  1. My fiance signed me up for Fandom of the Month for my birthday!! WOOO HOOO! Can’t wait.

    Also, just scored some amazing Harry Potter stamps at the Post Office today – They are literally beyond amazing. Can’t wait to pay the bills.


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