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Geek Week: Geek Out with Us!

In our adult (is that what we are now?) lives, we’ve been lucky that it’s never really easier to be a nerd. Geek culture has firmly woven itself into the mainstream tapestry, and it’s not going anywhere soon. Being intense, passionate, and obsessive about books, television, and movies is not only accepted, but encouraged.

We are unabashedly part of the Harry Potter Generation. Being 11 (just like Harry) when Harry Potter first hit The States, we grew up right along Harry. These stories and characters will always bring us solace and a little magic in our lives. To be honest, our Harry Potter obsession has intensified with age. Something about having more expendable cash and access to Etsy has really grown our collections.

Today, we want to show off our love for our favorite fandom by showcasing some of our collections of HP treasures. Over the years we’ve gathered all these items which feed our unquenchable thirst for the Wizarding World.

Amy’s display in her office with no less than three wands.
You can’t tell, but all those first editions are falling apart from too much love.
A souvenir from the Wizard World of Harry Potter. How can you not want to open that box and punch her in the face?
Sarah’s fantastic Quidditch Ball Set is definitely a keeper!

Enjoy geeking out with us this week 🙂 What are your favorite fandoms? What’s your obsession?

Lit & Love,

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