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Freewrite Friday: Finding Meaning in the Mess

Freewrite Friday Clutter

Happy Friday! It’s getting towards the end of the school year, and I feel like my entire life is nothing but papers upon papers. In honor of Spring Cleaning week, we thought it would be a good idea to attempt to find meaning in all of the messes in our lives. So this week our prompt is:

Write about attempting to organize your clutter: physical and emotional.

Think about your process whenever you try to clear a space. Attempt to do that for your mind and your writing life today. Think about things in your life you need to make more room for, what needs to be put in a box for later, and what needs to be thrown in the trash never to be seen again. Attempt to write about those things. Maybe even attempt to use objects to represent those ideas in a narrative or poem. See where it takes you 🙂

Amy’s Freewrite

Such a waste of heavy paper and
Ink. Such a waste of heavy muscle and
Skin. Such a waste of moon and stars when
No one but us all-nighters are awake to
Ingest it. Wood pulp smashed and bonded
Consumes surface and mind and every
Inch of this desk. Words scattered, and I can’t
Find anything worth saving. Moments stacked and
Piled where I could have been better, where I
should have been cleaner, purer, cleansed, but
Instead I am cluttered, jumbled, wasted, and out of

Lit & Love,

Amy Signature

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