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Spring Cleaning- Meta-Journal Those Thoughts!

Welcome to Spring Cleaning week! In an effort to clear out the cobwebs in my brain, I always try for a fresh start to journaling in the spring and early summer. Last year, I learned the most amazing trick from Amy that also makes me feel extra creative when I’m writing.


Meta-journaling is a way to more effectively use all the pages in your journal in their entirety (I am guilty of skipping the backs of pages!) while also keeping your writing looking a little neater with fewer cross-outs and notes squeezed into the margins. Think of the left-hand side of the page as one big extended margin, and make your changes and notes there! If you have pictures or tickets or other multi-media that you’d like to incorporate into your journal entry, paste them in there!


This is also handy if you’re guilty of thinking of a great revision when you don’t have your journal handy (story of my Faulkner life!). You can jot down your perfect line or thought on a scrap piece of paper, and later post it in your meta-journal and finagle some creative arrows and underlines to get your thoughts straight.


I use handwritten journaling as a way to start pieces, as well as a sort of distraction to get my thoughts in order when staring at a blank computer screen gives me writer’s block. Sometimes changing format is jarring enough to make my thoughts better click into place, makes the words come easier and in better order.


So next time you feel stuck, or are staring at a full page of text and want to change one tiny thing in the middle of a line, check the left-hand side of the page and give meta-journaling a try! Be sure to tell us how it goes in the comments!

Lit & Love,

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