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Bring Your Reading Garden Inside with Book Vases!


So about a year ago, I found these funky, 70s-inspired beauties lonely and forgotten on an Anthropologie clearance shelf. As a lover of poetry, I couldn’t resist that they said Odes, Sonnets, and Poems. Plus, I already had decorated my house with real books, metal books, and false cardboard books, so why not try some ceramic books?

I’ll be honest, when I bought them, I just thought they were simply just some funky ceramic books with a hole at the top. For the last year, they have been awkwardly sitting by my fireplace, but when I finally looked them up…

I found out they were vases.


I don’t know why I didn’t see it before, but now with this new knowledge, I can see that the decorating possibilities are endless. You could use them as a vase, a succulent planter, or even to hold office supplies and kitchen utensils! 

Unfortunately, I bought them when they were already on clearance, and Anthropologie doesn’t sell them anymore. However, you can still get them on Ebay or choose some more ceramic book options:

How have you brightened up your home with books? How will you bring your reading garden indoors this summer? 

Lit & Love,

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