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Deep Gratitude & May Themes



Firstly, we would like to say an enormous THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us this first month of Lit & Love. We are so thankful for all of your kind words, and all of your enthusiasm for this safe haven for literary dorkdom that we have created.

Thank you especially to our family and friends who have encouraged us in this first month. Your kind words, readership, and content ideas have truly helped us as we attempt to define what it means to live a literary lifestyle.

For those who we are just meeting, we are so happy that you have found us, and that we have found you. Thank you for your participation, and we are so excited to continue this journey with you!

Now for announcements! In the spirit of experimentation, we’ve decided to try something a little bit different in May. We are going to be doing weekly themes!

Here is our theme roll out for May.

This Week: Reading Garden


Expect flower and garden themed posts, and some fun advice on how to incorporate your love of both into your life.

Week #2: Spring Cleaningimage

Posts on how to declutter your bookshelves and your writing life.

Week #3: Fandom Week:image

Get geeky with some of our favorite fandoms! Expecto some patronuses!

Week #4: Book Club Week


See how to organize a book club right from the people who know 🙂

Week #5: #WriteInCle Week:

This week we will pay homage all the booming literary culture in our hometown, Cleveland, Ohio!

We can’t wait for you to see what we have cooked up this month! Thank you all again!

Lit & Love,

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