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Wearable Puns: Sport a Book Bag, Old Sport!


I absolutely love my Book Messenger Bag and Book Billfold from ThinkGeek 🙂

One way to show off your love of books is through your accessories. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received over my “Book Bag” that my husband bought me for Christmas. I use the messenger bag in the picture above as my school bag, and my students love a good book pun just as much as I do (bless their little literary hearts). I’ve received the “of course you have a bag that looks like a book” from many a colleague, and I just smile and take the compliment with pride.

So I figured I would share my love of bookish bags and find some other great options if you want to sport a book bag of your own.

  1. The Book Messenger Bag and the Book Billfold are both from the geniuses over at ThinkGeek. Here’s a magical picture of the cute billfold that I use as a clutch…if only it had a wand holder…20160329_161743-01
  2. I know some of you may think this is sacrilege, but I can’t help but fall in LIT & LOVE with these beautiful hand-crafted real book clutches from Bagsy Me First!

  3. Here is another Etsy option if you feel like getting a real book bag from Bookarelli. I’m obsessed with the Harry Potter one!il_570xn-822290075_be6kil_570xn-825509202_62cw
  4. If you’re looking for a more casual, indie vibe, check out this subtle book purse from Modcloth!5f3b9b3ba67f0debef7e1a13729124d2
  5. Even Betsy Johnson is getting in on the game with her Chapter by Chapter clutch also found at Modcloth!cafb9932e430ef0687e239d62142a11d
  6. This Apothecary Book from British Designer Lisa Angel has to be one of my favorites 🙂disaster-designs-apothecary-mini-book-bag-o21a7079-472x472
  7. If you’re looking for another messenger bag option, these gorgeous bags from KruKru Studio are everything I want in life!il_570xn-997903079_sowuil_570xn-915022082_trn1


Did I miss any? How do you show off your bookish style?

Lit & Love,

Amy Signature

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