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Freewrite Friday: _______ Dreams

Freewrite Friday Dreams

Raise up your glasses because it’s finally Friday! That means that we are going to do another Freewrite Friday writing prompt!

The prompt for this week is pretty simple. Simply look down at what you are currently drinking and write a piece entitled  (Insert whatever you’re drinking)  Dreams.”

It could be Whiskey Dreams, Earl Grey Dreams, Champagne Dreams, Chocolate Milk Dreams, really whatever you’re currently drinking to unwind from the long work week. I’m drinking one of my first glasses of sangria of the season (yes, I am thinking summer thoughts already), so here goes.

Sangria Dreams

They are vibrant, deep, and the colors of all the reds and purples of the evening. These are dusk dreams: dreams that trip through twilight and pick up barely-visible constellations on their way down. At their worst they are the blood orange of sunset; they are tart with long-soaked citrus rind overwhelming their  sweetness.

These dreams are filled with summer nights on back porches and bar patios. They are a signal of the restful nights of the season, of the lazy afternoons of time well spent. These dreams are filled with strings of tiny lights that bob in the warm exhale of summer. These dreams are laughter and leave brightness on your tongue.

These dreams are passion and fire. But with passion comes violence, and with tanned skin comes burned skin. These dreams are bruising and purpling. You are bruising and purpling with the cool rush of sangria dreams down your delicate throat. It warms and burns in your stomach. But with warmth there is destruction, and with dreams there are nightmares. Every twilight turns to night. Every night turns to dawn.

What kind of dreams will you be having tonight?

Lit & Love,

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6 thoughts on “Freewrite Friday: _______ Dreams

  1. Clearly inspired by your Sangria dreams, but with my own twists. Love Free Write Fridays! This is my take on a caffeinated high and crash 😉

    Diet Dr. Pepper Dreams
    (can I just say, I love the alliteration in this title??)

    *Pop* *Pop* *Pop*
    Crimson bubbles fill the air. Surrounded by a sea of foam and suds, the light – could it be sunlight? – is clouded by a red filter as the bubbles fill the room. Is this a room? Are there walls? All that can be seen are the bubbles.

    *Pop* *Pop* *Pop*
    I’m rising. I’m floating. I’m weightless. I feel my body lifting and I’m not sure if I’m swimming or flying through the bubbles. I feel an energy stir within me and I rush forward, backward, upside down. Twirling amid the fizzy beads, I feel amused and playful.

    *Pop* *Pop* *Pop*
    The bubbles begin to burst. I feel myself losing height, losing ground. Blisters exploding fill the expanse all around me. I feel the darkness closing in, exhaustion, and defeat. I am empty. The room is empty. The light is gone.

    Time to grab another can! Happy weekend ladies!

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