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Happy National Poetry Month!



National Poetry month is always a month I cherish in my classroom and my life. It pushes me to be a more creative educator, writer, and human. There’s something magical about the season shift, the extension of the day, that inspires me and my students during this time.

I always teach the Romantic Poets to my seniors during April. It’s really just how the curriculum hits, and it fits perfectly with National Poetry Month. During April my classroom windows are open wide, and the spring breeze and light smell of new growth invigorates us as we listen to the words of Keats and Shelley and Wordsworth. It’s a time of Carpe Diem, a time to grasp at the last of their high school experience, and a time of hope and promise as we look towards the brightness of impending summer and graduation. For me it’s an entire month to shamelessly gush over language and beauty all in the name of mother poetry.

I did a smidge of research and was baffled to find out National Poetry Month started only in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets. That means that this National Poetry month is its 20th anniversary!

How will you celebrate National Poetry Month this year?

Do you agree with what Wordsworth says about poetry in this passage?

Lit & Love,

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