Word Nerd Wednesday

Word-Nerd Wednesday: Oleaginous


Here at Lit & Love, we obviously love words. In a collective effort to celebrate and expand our vocabulary, every Wednesday we will be posting a word we love: words we discover in our readings, words we stumble across in our conversations, or sometimes words that we just like the sound of.

How can you get in on the fun? We encourage you to post a creative sentence using the word in the comments below. We will feature our favorite on next week’s Word-Nerd Wednesday!

Best Sentences from Last Week: 

Greg Hirzel: As Spiderman lept towards the awful Topher Grace portrayed Venom, he realized that the tintinnabulation of the church bell was his only weapon against the alien symbiote.

Rob Swinton: There was tintinnabulation on a hill, but I never really heard it.
No, I never heard it at all, till there was her.

Check out other Word Nerd Wednesday words: Cusp and Word-Nerd Wednesday: Tintinnabulation.

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