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Libraries Transform

Happy National Library Week! Today is also National Library Workers Day! Here at Lit & Love Blog, we owe so much of our  lifestyle and sanity to libraries and librarians!

This year’s American Library Association theme is “Libraries Transform.” Both Sarah and I have definitely been transformed and raised upon the carpeted floors and towering stacks of a library. Sarah’s lovely mother was a librarian, and constantly brought home new worlds and new adventures for Sarah to become lost in.

For me, I could have used the shelves as a measuring chart, marking little pencil marks on the sides of the beige, metal shelves. I grew up down the street from my library, and my mother–who would eventually also work in a library–and I would walk there multiple times a week to check out new books or participate in one of their many programs. I volunteered there in high school (I was a pretty accomplished Strega Nona puppeteer), and tutored there in my first years of teaching. It’s my safe haven; it’s my home. The library remains essential to why I read, and the person I have become.

As an adult, every single day I use my library card. I am so lucky that my library, The Cuyahoga County Public Library, has an amazing digital collection where I download ebooks and audiobooks on my kindle constantly. It’s allowed me to read so much more, and without the fear of spending money on books that I would ultimately abandon.


We encourage you to support your local library this week and every week. Here are some of our ideas:

  • If you haven’t done so already, sign up for a library card. You’ll be amazed by all they have to offer!
  • Once you have it, swipe that library card to get those books into circulation!
  • Sign up for a writing class or workshop.
  • Check out your libraries digital collection or movie/music resources.
  • Pop by a local book drive and rescue some books.
  • Start a book club! Many libraries offer book club sets with discussion questions.
  • Volunteer your time as a tutor or page.
  • Go to an author event or signing hosted by your library.
  • Take a child to a story time reading.
  • Take a technology, entrepreneur, or other class offered by your library.
  • Take some time to research your family’s history using a libraries genealogy resources.
  • Encourage the teen in your life to use their homework help resources.
  • Donate your favorite book so that someone can fall in love with it like you did.
  • Donate your least favorite book so that someone can love it when you never could.
  • Read, read, read, read…and encourage others to do so as well!

Libraries are really all about community. So take some time this week to reconnect with yours 🙂

Lit & Love,

Amy Signature

Check out the American Library Association for more ideas and ways to get involved here.

How do you connect with your library? Comment Below

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2 thoughts on “Libraries Transform

  1. Hi Amy! I definitely agree on the amazing experiences that libraries offer. (If only more people took advantage of them!) And the Cuyahoga County Public Library has been good to me, too. I love my books and movies, and my library card has definitely seen a few miles as well while feeding my habit.

    Keep fighting the good fight!


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